Dr. James Eells- A Proficient Medical Professional

Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells

If you are looking for a great care and health doctor to have a successful healthy lifestyle, Dr. James Eells, a proficient medical professional is always there for medical services. In 1998, Dr. Eells received his medical degree in the University of Nevada School of Medicine and has been in run-through for twenty-six years, and now he is owning and operating a private medical practice within the beautiful city of Las Vegas. He earned Bachelor’s Degree in the year 1989 from Nevada School Medicine.

Dr. James Eells is certified in internal medicine and is an internal medicine physician generally, or internists who performs physical exams and treats wider range of common illnesses in all adult, whether men or women. Dr. James Eells has completed his internship in internal medicine at Clark County University School Medicine. He already served in United States Air Force being an active duty physician from the year 1992-1996, and was located at numerous bases that include Travis Air Force Base, Maxwell Air Force Base and Nellis Air Force Base.

Dr. Jim EellsDr. James Robert Eells also served as a physician with the University Medical Center occasionally from 1990-2003, containing practicing internal medicine with the UMC’s Primary Care facility beginning in 1996. After he left UMC, he joined Internal Medicine Associates, a physician team who practice outpatient and inpatient care. In 2006, Dr. James Eells joined a national personalized preventative healthcare network named as MDVIP, as a concierge physician until he opened his own private concierge practice in the year 2011. Being a personalized concierge medical care physician, Dr. James Eells already treated limited patient numbers in order for him to offer the highest customer service and care level. He also provide his customers with his personal cellphone number to ensure that he can greatly help them and strongly emboldens them to contact him with an after-hours emergencies.

Out of all the accomplishments that Dr. James Eells has received and with his dedication and passion to help every citizens of Las Vegas to have a proper care and health, he is now considered as one of the most encouraging and inspiring doctor that you need to work with. Dr. James Eells, together with his team members established not only a good preventative solutions to every illnesses, but also a good relationship with their clients in order to become more acquainted and address their health needs. Overall, Dr. James Eells is a certified reliable and professional physician that you can rely on regarding your health conditions and expect a good result with his service.